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Three Teens Arrested in Connection with Shooting, Armed Robbery Near Swansea

Youth crime aftermath scene.

Three Teens Arrested in Connection with Shooting, Armed Robbery Near Swansea

On Friday, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department announced the arrest of three teenage suspects in connection with an armed robbery and shooting that took place near Swansea, South Carolina. The Sheriff’s Department identified the suspects as individuals below the age of 18, whose names were unable to be released.

The Incidents Leading to the Arrest

According to Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon, the investigation was initiated when a stolen firearm was reported from a gas station on Edmund highway. Evidence led investigators to believe that one of the apprehended teens was responsible for the theft. Subsequently, it was found that late Wednesday night, the teenagers were involved in a shooting incident off Redmond Mill Road.

“The teens were at a home and shot in the direction of three other people following an argument,” Koon said. The suspects reportedly fled the scene immediately after the shooting incident.

On Thursday, the suspects were located and taken into custody by law enforcement. The police have charged all three with three counts of assault and battery in the first degree, and one count of pointing and presenting a firearm.

Additional Charges

In addition to the aforementioned charges, one of the arrested teenagers is facing a charge of armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. The Sheriff’s Department indicated that further charges could be brought against the suspects as the investigation progresses.

The Aftermath

Following their arrest, the suspects were handed over to the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, due to their minor status. As the investigation and judicial proceedings advance, updates are expected to be released.

The story underscores the prevailing issues of youth crime and the proliferation of guns, embodying a challenging dilemma for the law enforcement and social agencies trying to tackle it. Authorities recommend the community to remain alert, closely guard their belongings, and report to the police any suspicious activity promptly.

Please note, this is a developing story. The situation is under assessment, and facts might change as information becomes more apparent. Verify from reliable sources for the most recent and precise details.

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