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Tega Cay City Council Attempts to Address Growing Concerns Over Marina Overlay District Developments

City council discussing marina development

Tega Cay City Council Hones in on Marina Overlay District

The Tega Cay City Council held a special meeting on January 22nd, 2024, prompted by concerns surrounding the Marina Overlay District. The council convened to put several significant issues to vote amidst escalating concerns expressed by local residents.

The Marina Overlay District was envisioned as a tool to boost the developmental possibilities in areas around Tega Cay marina. But the residents, some of whom have started voicing their grievances, fear potential consequences on their residential environments.

Hotel Development

Resident Jennifer Thatcher, among others, voiced concerns about the possibility of a hotel being built along Tega Cay Drive on a property currently owned by Tega Cay Marina. As per the existing statutes, this land is classified as residential. Thus, any plans to develop commercial real estate, like a hotel, would require an official request for rezoning from residential to commercial. Such a request would first be considered by the Planning Commission. If approved, the proposal would then be further debated in two readings by the city council.

Amendment Decision Looms

However, if the council approves the amendment during the special meeting, a hotel’s use will be stripped from the Marina Overlay District. This could potentially derail any plans for a hotel on that property. Another notable item scheduled for discussion during the meeting was an appeal regarding the exchange of Marina Drive. Currently underutilised, the exchange would result in ownership of the roadway being transferred to Tega Cay Marina. In return, the marina would be responsible for installing sidewalks along Tega Cay Drive.

A quest for Transparency

Thatcher, a local resident who lives near the marina, has shared that she and other residents have been making efforts to secure more transparency from the city manager about the proposed developments in the Marina Overlay District.

The city has encouraged its residents to make calls to City Hall for any concerns or questions related to these proposed changes. The staff is reportedly available and eager to provide answers to any queries.

For more information on Marina Overlay District’s concerns, residents may visit the city’s website.

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