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Tega Cay Council Convenes for Emergency Meeting Amid Resident Concerns Over Marina Overlay District Changes

"Council meeting discussing marina development"

Tega Cay Council Holds Emergency Meeting to Address Marina Overlay District Controversy

Tega Cay City Council has convened for a special meeting to deliberate on potential changes to the Marina Overlay District. The decision to revisit the District’s current guidelines comes in response to resident voices expressing apprehension over the potential introduction of a hotel to the area.

Residents Concerned Over Prospective Hotel Introduction

The council meeting comes as a direct reaction to local citizen apprehensions over the possible development of a hotel in the Marina Overlay District. The recent adjustments to the District guidelines included a provision that permits the establishment of a hotel in this area. Council members acknowledged the residents’ worries and ensured that these concerns formed the foundation for calling this special session.

The Plan to Review the Marina Overlay Guidelines

The council reassured the meeting participants that the Overlay’s provisions will be revisited entirely. The Marina Overlay District was initially instituted in 2011 to boost the potential for development in areas proximate to the marina. The council intends to reevaluate ordinances from the past to determine if any adjustments are necessary for the present time.

Mayor Weighs In On the Discussion

Mayor Chris Gray acknowledged that in an earlier period, the city was facing financial adversity and was welcoming to any entity that could aid in fostering the city’s growth. However, the mayor noted, that is no longer an issue now. Gray mentioned that former ordinances are being reconsidered, aiming to revise any that need reevaluation.

Repealing Ordinance 585

During the course of the special session, Council members approved to revoke Ordinance 585 within the Marina Overlay. This specific ordinance pertained to the infrequent usage of Marina Drive.


The Tega Cay Council’s initiative to hold an exclusive meeting to discuss the potential modification of the Marina Overlay District demonstrates its dedication to respond to citizen worries. As the council revisits past ordinances and makes necessary modifications to the District’s provisions, this should achieve a balance in protecting the interests of the residents while ensuring sustainable growth for Tega Cay.

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