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Tega Cay Launches a Community Survey to Gauge Residents’ Perception on Deer Population

Deer population gauge survey.

Tega Cay Launches a Community Survey to Gauge Residents’ Perception on Deer Population

Tega Cay, South Carolina – In response to the increasing concerns from residents regarding its growing deer population, the Tega Cay city administration has initiated a community survey. The online survey seeks public opinion on the matter and will be active until Monday, April 29th.

Addressing Public Concern Over Deer Population

The city officials have been facing mounting pressure to control the burgeoning deer population. Recent discontent among the city’s populace over the administration’s efforts in managing the deer population has led to the launch of this new survey. This endeavor seeks to gather comprehensive feedback from the local community to better address the concern.

The survey is live and those who expressed their opinion in the original survey sent out in late March are encouraged to participate in this newly initiated survey as well. It’s emphasized that everyone’s opinion is valuable and will contribute towards the formation of an effective deer population management strategy.

Call for Active Participation

The residents have until April 29th to submit their responses. As a part of the democratic decision-making process, the city officials are urging all residents to participate in the survey, voice their opinions, and be a part of the solution.

Impact of Deer Population on Community

The increasing deer population has been a matter of concern for some residents due to several associated problems. Issues like damage to landscaping and gardens, increased risk of deer-vehicle collisions, and potential public health risks due to ticks carried by the deer are some of the most cited problems. The city officials believe that understanding public sentiment about the deer population will aid in developing a balanced and encompassing plan.

Next Steps

The city officials have not yet disclosed the future actions to be taken post-survey. However, they have reiterated their commitment towards taking into account the opinions of their residents while formulating a more effective management strategy.

The residents eagerly wait for the results of the community survey hoping that their voices will be heard, and effective action will be taken to control the deer population. The active participation of residents in the survey shows the level of engagement and importance they attribute to this issue, a fact the city officials are very much aware of.

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