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Former President Trump Expected to Raise $6M at South Carolina Fundraiser

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Former President Trump Expected to Raise $6M at South Carolina Fundraiser

In a recent political event, former President Donald Trump is projected to raise more than $6 million at a South Carolina fundraiser. This fundraiser comes shortly before the GOP primary set for this Saturday. Campaign spokespeople suggested that the large sum indicates Trump’s dominance in both fundraising and polling, signalling that the primary “is over”.

Trump Headlines Fundraiser

The former president headlined a fundraiser in Greenville, South Carolina on Tuesday night. Projections suggest this single event will bring in upwards of $6 million. “The President continues to show his dominance in the polls and in fundraising across the country because he is the best candidate to beat [the current president] and retake the White House,” said a campaign spokesperson. “This primary is over and anyone who thinks otherwise is either delusional or doing [the current president’s] bidding,” they added.

Haley Resolute Despite Likely Defeat in GOP Primary

Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Governor and presidential hopeful, insists that she will not concede the race compared to Trump. “I refuse to quit,” Haley said in a Tuesday speech. “South Carolina will vote on Saturday. But on Sunday, I’ll still be running for president. I’m not going anywhere.” Haley also voiced her belief that calls for her to depart the race come from “the political elite” and “party bosses”. She emphasized that just three states have placed their votes so far, and that numerous more states will be voting in the coming weeks.

“I’m campaigning every day until the last person votes because I believe in a better America and a brighter future for our kids,” Haley added. Despite Haley’s resolve and her campaign’s ability to raise more than $16.5 million – a considerable amount especially from small-dollar grassroots supporters – contesting Trump’s lead continues to pose a significant challenge.

What’s at Stake?

The significance of the South Carolina primary cannot be overstated, given that it usually sets the tone for the Super Tuesday Presidential contests. With nearly 800 delegates up from authorise on Super Tuesday from 15 states, there is considerable political capital on the line. Looking ahead, the campaign suggests even the “most-generous model” predicts Trump securing the Republican nomination by March 19th.

State of the Presidential Race

Polls suggest that Trump is his opponent by significant margins. Specifically, Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Trump leading by 25 points ahead of Saturday’s primary election in South Carolina. The Trump campaign has yet to disclose its January fundraising figures.

Meanwhile, the current president’s reelection campaign brought in $42 million in January, as released earlier Tuesday morning. But regardless of these fundraising figures, what truly matters is how this financial support translates into votes. As this volatile campaign season continues, it remains to be seen if the former president’s fundraising success will secure him the GOP nomination once again, or if another candidate might pull out a surprise win.

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