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Two Men Arrested and Charged in Aiken County Murder Case Following Discovery of Body on Porch

Policemen investigating porch crime scene

Arrests Made in Deadly Aiken County Shooting

Two Men Charged with Murder After Body Found on Porch

Aiken County, South Carolina, February 8, 2024 – A duo of men have been arrested and charged in connection to a grisly murder in Aiken County that left one person dead. Austin Blake Satcher, 26, and Zackery Taylor Smith, 28, have been charged with murder and first-degree burglary following the discovery of a body on the porch of a residential property, announced the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

Charges Detailed

Alongside the shared charges of murder and first-degree burglary, Satcher faces further charges for possessing a weapon during a violent crime. The charges relate to the death of the victim, identified as Joseph A. Keenan Sr., as stated by law enforcement officials.

The Crime Scene

The grim discovery of Keenan’s body was made on January 31st when a passerby dialed the sheriff’s office to report a body on the porch of a house situated in the 2000 block of Augusta Road. Aiken County Coroner Darryl Ables later confirmed the identity of the deceased occupant, concluding that the cause of death was gunshot wounds.

Capture of Suspects

Smith was apprehended without any hitches at a Warrenville residence situated in the 200 block of Pelzer Street, only about a mile’s distance from where Keenan’s body was unearthed. Satcher, meanwhile, was already in custody at the Aiken County Detention Center on unrelated charges when the fresh accusations were leveled against him.

Unanswered Questions

The Sheriff’s Office has commended community members for providing crucial information that led to the arrests. However, how the accused, Satcher and Smith, are linked to the fatal shooting, and what motive they could have had, remains unclear. Moreover, it is unknown whether the suspects had any prior connection to the deceased, Keenan.

Continuing Investigation

Despite the significant breakthrough in the grim murder case, the Sheriff’s Office has stated that their investigation is still ongoing. Anyone who may have further information that could assist in the case are urged to reach out to the Sheriff’s Office.

Update on Court Proceedings

Given the developing nature of the case, facts and details may change with time as more concrete information comes to light. This article will continually be updated to reflect these changes as the case progresses in legal proceedings.

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