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Whataburger Set to Debut First South Carolina Restaurant in Boiling Springs on July 15

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Whataburger Announces Grand Opening in South Carolina

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Whataburger, the iconic Texas-based fast food chain, has announced the grand opening date for its first ever restaurant in South Carolina. The highly anticipated event will welcome residents of Boiling Springs, located at 3647 Boiling Springs Road, on July 15, 2024, expanding upon the brand’s Southern presence.

Counting Down to the Grand Debut

Whataburger, renowned for its generous burgers, has already established an impressive portfolio of over 1,000 restaurants across 15 states, with South Carolina being the 16th. The fast food giant aims to serve the flavorful and satisfying experiences it has been known for the past seven decades.

The grand opening of the Boiling Springs restaurant marks the start of an ambitious expansion plan within the region. Besides Boiling Springs, Whataburger is also planning launches in Greenville, two in Spartanburg, Mauldin, Anderson, Duncan, and Easley, embodying its serious commitment to the South Carolina market.

Bringing the Patronized Dishes to the Carolinians

Whataburger is famed for its delectable and distinctive offerings including the ‘Whataburger’, the ‘Whatacatch’ fish sandwich, and the ‘Whatachick’n’ chicken sandwich to name a few. It also features unique limited-time offers that keep its fans coming back for more.

By introducing its time-tested favorites, Whataburger is also looking to carve out a new following within the local community in Boiling Springs and beyond, as it brings its reputation for high-quality, delicious and affordable meals to Carolinians.

Greater Economic Contribution

The opening of the Boiling Springs venture, along with imminent launches in other districts, also symbolizes a significant contribution to South Carolina’s economic resurgence. Each Whataburger restaurant will not only serve the community’s residents but also provide job opportunities and contribute to the local economic growth.

As Whataburger brings its Southern hospitality to South Carolina, the stage is set for the grand opening in Boiling Springs on July 15. It will be a momentous day for the fast food industry in the region, marking a new chapter in the Whataburger story.

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