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Whataburger to Open New Stores across South Carolina

Southern-inspired burger expansion.

Whataburger to Open New Stores across South Carolina

In a recent move, the popular Texas-based burger chain Whataburger has announced its plans to expand across South Carolina. This announcement has induced sheer joy among the burger aficionados residing under the Palmetto State.

A Wave of Expansion

The family that owned this favorite burger brand sold a majority stake to BDT Capital in 2019. Following this transaction, the new Chicago-based proprietor began rapidly increasing the brand’s footprint. They introduced fresh restaurants in multiple states, including Tennessee, Colorado, and Missouri. And soon, the residents of South Carolina will also be able to delight their taste buds with Whataburger’s signature offerings.

Distinguishing Between Whataburger and What-A-Burger

In case you have heard of a restaurant chain called What-A-Burger, let’s be clear that it’s entirely different from Whataburger. The latter was founded by Herman Dobbs in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950, whereas What-A-Burger is a Virginia-based restaurant that likely opened its first outlet in 1957.

The two eateries, with almost similar names, had once locked horns in a legal battle. The Virginia-based What-A-Burger had dragged the Texan Whataburger to court in 2002, alleging that the latter had been operating its restaurant before the former’s name was trademarked in 1957. However, the court found no evidence backing this claim, and the case was settled, allowing both brands to coexist.

Throwing Light on the Newly Planned Whataburger Outlets

For those waiting eagerly to find out whether a Whataburger outlet will open near their location, the answer may be a “yes.” The Texan burger chain plans to open an array of restaurants across different localities in South Carolina within the upcoming year. Nevertheless, the locations and precise opening dates are yet to be announced.

Wrapping Up

The chain’s expansion plan across the Palmetto State has undoubtedly stirred up excitement among the burger enthusiasts of South Carolina. It’s worth waiting for the spicy ketchup and delicious burgers from Whataburger’s kitchen.

So whether you’re a resident of the Hill country or staunchly standing on the Coastal plain, you may not have to wait too long to treat yourself to a sumptuous Whataburger meal. Keep an ear on the ground for more updates on this exciting development!

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