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Scout Team Plays Key Role In Preparing Team For Next Opponent – Winthrop University Athletics

Scout team practice challenge

Scout Team Plays Key Role In Preparing Team For Next Opponent – Winthrop University Athletics

Rock Hill, South Carolina – Scout Team Elevates Winthrop Women’s Basketball

In a surprising move that turned heads at a recent South Carolina women’s basketball practice, ESPN personality Elle Duncan was left wondering about the presence of men on the court. The team in question, the Winthrop University scout team known as the Highlighters, plays a vital role in preparing the Lady Gamecocks for success.

The concept of men practicing against women has a long history, dating back to the innovative thinking of legendary coach Pat Summitt in the early 1970s. Winthrop’s Semeka Randall Lay, a two-time All-American under Summitt, continues this tradition by utilizing the scout team to elevate the women’s game.

Enhancing Intensity and Physicality

According to Coach Randall Lay, practicing against male players forces the women to compete at a higher intensity and adapt to a faster-paced game. The scout team’s job is to emulate the tendencies of the upcoming opponent on both offense and defense, providing a valuable challenge for the Winthrop players.

Dedicated Student Practice Players

The Winthrop scout team consists of Durand Brown, Aontrel Simms, Jake Balough, Ze’Bias Moye, and Jackson Kenyon. While Ze’Bias and Jackson are staff members, Durand, Aontrel, and Jake are student-athletes who must adhere to NCAA regulations, including maintaining eligibility and grades.

Commitment and Dedication

The scout team members participate out of a love for the game and a desire to help their team succeed. They receive minimal compensation in the form of practice gear and occasional meals, demonstrating their dedication to the program and their willingness to contribute to the team’s success.

Coach Randall Lay acknowledges the invaluable role that the scout team plays in preparing the Winthrop women’s basketball team for each game. Their commitment to excellence and willingness to push the players to new heights are essential components of the team’s preparation and success.

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