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Hall of Fame Series: A Tribute to Winthrop University Athletic Great and Medical Field Star, Heson Groves

Basketball player turned medical technician

Hall of Fame Series: Heson Groves, The Unexpected Hero

Winthrop University Athletics Pays Tribute to Its Hall of Famers

Richmond, VA – Setting New Highs

The towering former Winthrop basketball sensation and one of the powerhouse players behind the Eagles’ groundbreaking trip to the NCAA Tournament, Heson Groves, is now making his mark, but this time in the medical field! The 6-foot-7 Winthrop Alumni is now serving as a CT Scan Technician.

Since graduating from Winthrop with a Business Management degree, Heson stepped into the international basketball arena for three active years before deciding on a different path. Joining the Navy, he committed himself to eight glorious years as a Naval Hospital Corpsman. Post-retiring from his military service, Heson decided to dive into the study of clinical radiation science at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has since built his home in Richmond, VA, with his wife, Tamara, and their three children, Skylar, Michael Jr., and Silver.

Your Journey Makes You Stronger

Heson’s journey wasn’t always filled with wins. During his early years at Winthrop, before Coach Gregg Marshall took helm in 1998, he witnessed heavy losses. However, Heson fondly remembers a sudden change after Marshall’s entry. Equipped with a newfound focus and improved physical conditioning, the team’s spirit and performance reached new heights.

The switch in the coaching strategy led Heson back to his natural forward position, leading to a stellar season where he became the Eagles’ lead scorer and rebounder. His exceptional play on the court didn’t go unnoticed, earning him a place on the All Big South Conference First Team.

Tournament Victory – An Unforgettable Memory

In the BSC Tournament, Heson truly shined. Awarded the tournament’s MVP, he scored 31 points and secured an impressive 28 rebounds in the wins over Charleston Southern and Radford. However, the real surprise came in when he scored a career-high 19 rebounds in the championship game, an occasion that left him amazed.

In Heson’s words, the NCAA tournament, despite its challenging nature, is an event filled with fond recollections. Though the Eagles, positioned at the 16th seed, lost against the No.1 Auburn, Heson maintains that reaching the tournament was a high point that wrapped up a wonderful year.

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