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Winthrop University Basketball Legend Roger Toxey Reunites with Alma Mater, Reflects on Hall of Fame Career

Basketball reunion in university hall

In a Glorious Reunion, Winthrop University Basketball Legend Roger Toxey Reflects on Career

The halls of Winthrop University echo with stories of former athletes whose footprints continue to influence the growth of the institution’s sporting fraternity. One such notable figure, Roger Toxey, will be part of the 2024 Winthrop Athletics Hall of Fame. As a key member of the university’s first team to play in the NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1998-99, Toxey leaves a lasting legacy.

The Transformative Tale of Roger Toxey

In an inspiring revelation, Roger Toxey admits that his freshman season back in 1997-98 was marked with frustration. Following a disappointing 7-20 season, Toxey was assigned the unfamiliar role of the point guard, a position he had only assumed once while at Sun Valley High School. However, the arrival of Gregg Marshall as the new coach transformed Toxey’s unsteady start.

With Tyson Waterman returning to run the point, Roger was relegated back to his preferred off-guard and defensive-stopper role. Roger swiftly became an integral part of Marshall’s plan, doubling his scoring output to 11.7 points per game and rendering arduous defensive tasks tirelessly. He believed early on that Marshall was creating something extraordinary, a feeling that was cemented when his team defeated perennial winners, Radford, at home.

Face-off with Illness

Roger’s influence on Winthrop’s regular-season record of 19-7 was significant, but his tenacity shone brightest during the Big South Tournament semifinals and finals. Severely afflicted by a throat infection, a fever-stricken Toxey nonetheless emerged from his sick bed to receive his All-Conference second-team plaque.

In the icy Asheville Civic Center, Toxey initially doubted his ability to participate in the game. However, as the game time approached, he huddled up for the big show. Through 25 minutes of play against Charleston Southern, he managed to shell out 10 points and five rebounds. In the championship showdown against Radford, he again managed ten points in 27 minutes of play.

Life After Basketball

After his remarkable stint with the Winthrop Eagles, Roger now resides in San Antonio, Texas, working as a sales representative for Prudential Overall Supply and enjoying his tranquil life off the court.

He fondly recalls his journey from a frustrating 7-20 season to being on the cusp of the NCAA Tournament. Toxey embodies the essence of a true athlete, whose fiery determination powered him to an unforgettable career at Winthrop University and an imminent position in the 2024 Winthrop Athletics Hall of Fame.

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