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Winthrop Women’s Basketball Team Celebrates Sweeping Victory Over UNC Asheville Led by Gasaway’s Dominant Performance

Women's basketball victory celebration

Winthrop Women’s Basketball Scores a Sweeping Victory Over UNC Asheville

Dominant Performance by Gasaway Leads the Charge

In a thrilling athletic display, Winthrop Women’s Basketball team clinched their 10th victory of the regular season by sweeping UNC Asheville with a final score of 65-56 on Saturday afternoon. The hard-fought match took place at the Winthrop Coliseum, Rock Hill, S.C. Drawing special attention was the team’s power forward, Marissa Gasaway, who delivered a spectacular double-double performance replete with 10 points and 15 rebounds.

The Match Highlights

From the outset of the first quarter, the Eagles of Winthrop maintained a commanding presence on the court, bursting out to a remarkable eight-point lead at the 4:50 mark. Star player Jada Ryce accounted for five of the early 14 Eagle points, indicating a strong start for the team. Continuing her stellar performance, Ryce landed another three-pointer in the final minute of the first quarter, catapulting Winthrop to a robust 21-10 lead.

The second quarter saw Winthrop maintaining an 8-11 point lead for most of the period. The decisive action, however, came from Marissa Gasaway, whose vital layup right before halftime pushed Winthrop to a nine-point lead, finishing the half at 31-22.

A series of vital field goals in the third quarter consolidated Winthrop’s lead at 47-37, and they entered the fourth quarter with a comfortable ten-point lead. Despite UNC Asheville scoring 15 of the first 23 points in the final quarter, a crucial three-pointer from Ronaltha Marc at the 2:54 mark sealed Asheville’s fate. It was the Eagles who seized the day, landing consecutive points to sign off their victory.

Key Players and Statistics

Besides Gasaway’s crucial contribution, important performances came from Jada Ryce with 18 points and Ronaltha Marc with 13 points. The team exhibited excellent form with a 37% shooting average from the field, an impressive 57% in the first quarter, and an 88% scoring average from the free throw line. Additionally, Winthrop outrebounded the Bulldogs 42-29, showcasing the team’s aggressive and focused gameplay.

Upcoming Matches

The victorious Eagles will next face off Charleston Southern on Wednesday, Feb. 7, in an away game. Fans and followers of Winthrop Women’s Basketball will be eagerly anticipating if their team can maintain this momentum. For now, the buzz of their sweeping victory against UNC Asheville continues to reverberate through the athletic community.

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