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WW2 Soldier from South Carolina Identified Over 80 Years After Capture

WW2 soldier identification discovery

WW2 Soldier from South Carolina Identified Over 80 Years After Capture

More than 80 years after his capture during wartime, U.S. Army Private Cecil Hinson of Rock Hill, South Carolina, has been identified. The remarkable discovery was announced by officials of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency on Nov. 15, 2023.

Capture and Apparent Death

In 1942, amidst the chaos of the Second World War, Hinson was taken as a prisoner of war during the Japanese invasion of the Philippine Islands. Documented records from prison camps and other sources revealed that Hinson died while captivated on July 28, 1942, and was subsequently buried in a mass grave.

Identification Process

The long-awaited identification of Hinson’s remains became possible through the joint effort of several forensic methods. These included anthropological analysis, dental records, and circumstantial evidence.

The proper validation of the soldier’s identity marks an important chapter in the ongoing effort to trace and return those missing from World War II. It allows for the deserved recognition of Hinson’s service and sacrifice, as well as closure for his surviving family members.

Future Burial

Hinson’s remains, now positively identified, will be returned to his hometown of Rock Hill for burial. The date for the solemn ceremony will be determined later. For inquiries regarding the family and funeral arrangements, the Army Casualty Office can be reached at their contact number (800) 892-2490.

A Hero of the Past Returns Home

This significant revelation allows Cecil Hinson, a patriot who paid the ultimate price for freedom, to finally return home. Beyond the historical significance, the development serves as a poignant reminder of the many brave soldiers who remain unaccounted for from World War II and other conflicts.

Even though many decades have passed, the efforts to locate and identify POW/MIA personnel demonstrate the enduring commitment to uphold the core military principle: leave no one behind.

The identification of Private Cecil Hinson’s remains offers hope to countless families still waiting for news about their loved ones who disappeared during the turbulent years of global conflict. The ultimate goal remains: to provide closure and honor to the brave and selfless individuals who have devoted their lives to the cause of freedom.

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