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Dead Puppy Discovered, Two Women Charged with Animal Cruelty in York County

Two women, dead puppy.

Dead Puppy Discovered, Two Women Charged with Animal Cruelty in York County

FORT MILL, N.C. – Two local women face charges of animal cruelty after authorities discovered a dead puppy in their backyard under troubling circumstances. The unfortunate discovery was made at a residence on Unity Street, leading to the arrest of 26-year-old Megan Elizabeth Kerr and 34-year-old Bianca Derboghosian.

The Disturbing Discovery

Police were alerted on Tuesday afternoon to multiple dogs fighting in the backyard of the Unity Street residence. Notably, a neighbor asserted that one of the dogs had attacked a puppy, biting it around the neck. Upon arrival at the scene, the local authorities confirmed the young dog’s death and found additional animals in the same yard, appearing malnourished and living in what was described as deplorable conditions.

Immediate Action Taken

The Fort Mill Police Department promptly notified York County Animal Control about the situation. All animals found on the property were subsequently removed pending further investigation. Arrest warrants for both Kerr and Derboghosian were issued later and they were taken into custody the next day.

The Charges

Both women now face two counts of animal cruelty each due to the fatal event and the poor conditions of the other animals under their care. Although they have since bonded out of jail, they must prepare to appear in court to answer the charges leveled against them. This incident embodies a disturbing act of animal cruelty that echoes a need for community vigilance in protecting vulnerable creatures.

Community Reactions

The local community has expressed a deep shock and disappointment by the incident. Many stress the importance of responsibly owning pets and ensuring their welfare. Animal rights activists in the region maintain a heightened call for the enforcement of animal protection laws, advocating for stringent punishment against such inhumane acts to deter future incidents.

York County Animal Cruelty Laws

In York County, animal cruelty is considered a serious offense. Local laws mandate that pet owners provide their animals with a safe living environment, sufficient food, and proper medical care. Violations can result in hefty fines, jail time, and in some cases, the permanent removal of the animal from the owner’s care.

The law enforcement officers and animal rights activists advise pet owners to ensure not only the health and safety of their animals, but also their emotional well-being, which plays a significant role in an animal’s overall health and quality of life. Routine checks, a healthy diet, exercise, socializing, and showing love and affection are all factors that contribute to a pet’s well-being.

This case underscores the importance local law enforcement and community members place on the welfare of animals, and acts as a stark reminder of our collective responsibility to care for our pets and to report any suspected acts of animal cruelty. The outcome of this case could have a significant impact on reinforcing the need for strict compliance with animal welfare laws and promoting a humane attitude towards pets.

Call to Action

Investigations surrounding this incident are ongoing. Local authorities urge anyone with further information to help ensure justice for the deceased puppy and other animals affected. Urgent appeals are also made to the general public to report any incidents of suspected animal cruelty or neglect, to protect the animals of York County, and hold those responsible for such acts accountable.

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