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York County Community Invites Residents to Join “Polar Bear Litter Pick Up” in Effort to Beautify the City

Community Litter Cleanup Winter

Talking Trash with Keep York County Beautiful

York County, S.C. – In an effort to beautify York County and make it a pleasant place for residents and visitors, local community coordinators are inviting everyone to join them in a trash cleanup initiative. They believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to nurture and care for the environment and are motivating community members to volunteer in this fruitful endeavor.

According to Leslie Hatchell, the county’s Recycling Coordinator, the initiative provides an ideal platform to give back to the city. It also serves as an excellent way for people, especially young students, to accumulate much-needed volunteer hours. Alysen Woodruff, the Clean Community Coordinator, shares a similar sentiment, underlining how each member of the community can play a role in maintaining the county’s cleanliness and overall appeal.

Polar Bear Litter Pick Up “Freezing for a Reason”

Adding a stroke of creativity to the campaign, the coordinators have dubbed their winter cleanup effort the “Polar Bear Litter Pick Up” with the tagline “Freezing for a Reason.” The winter cleanup is currently ongoing and will continue until February 25th. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage residents, families, and groups to venture out in the chilly weather and assist with litter pick-up, all for the noble reason of keeping York County clean.

The local authorities are making it easy for everyone to get involved. Anyone interested can simply call the provided contact number (803-628-3245) to register their families or groups for the cleanup drive. Apart from contributing to the county’s cleanliness, this event also aims to build camaraderie among community members, making it a great way to meet and interact with fellow residents.

Getting Involved

To make the most of the “Freezing for a Reason” initiative, community members are encouraged to dress warmly, wear good walking shoes, and bring water. Cleanup supplies like pickers, gloves, and bags will be provided, but participants can also bring their own if they prefer. This is an excellent event for friends, families, teams, neighbors, or anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their community.

The campaign ultimately seeks to create a sense of responsibility among residents towards their environment. The coordinators firmly believe that if each resident plays their part, it will not only lead to a cleaner and more attractive county but also instill a strong community spirit among the residents.

This exciting campaign is yet another great example of York County’s commitment to keeping its environment clean now and for future generations. So, grab your coat, call your friends, and head out to make York County a cleaner, greener place to live!

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