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Welcome to Rock Hill, South Carolina

Welcome to Rock Hill, South Carolina


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HERE you will find restaurants, shops, professionals and real estate in the city of Rock Hill and in greater York County. HERE you will find a directory of local businesses and professionals. If you’re a business owner in Rock Hill, please take the time to use our FREE REGISTRATION to put your business on our site. We keep you posted on openings and closings of our local Rock Hill businesses. You may even find a coupon or two or a special deal only available to HERE ROCK HILL shoppers.


Fort Mill

Fort Mill, commonly known as Fort Mill Township, is located eight miles northeast of Rock Hill in York County. Fort Mill has a population of 24,622 people.

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Looking for real estate, a new home or a great neighborhood in Rock Hill?

We’ve got that too! HERE you will find all the real estate in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Use our interactive MLS (multiple listing service) searches to find exactly what you’re looking for in that special Rock Hill home for sale.

Looking for the top real estate agents in the Rock Hill area?

They’re HERE too waiting to tell you more about incredible amenities in a particular Rock Hill subdivision or about the best schools or churches that make this place called Rock Hill so special. Whether you’re looking for a great REALTOR or Home Builder, check the business directory because they’re HERE.

What’s happening with local government or law enforcement?

You guessed it. It’s HERE too. We have the news feeds from the local Rock Hill SOUTH CAROLINA Government and Twitter feeds from the city of Rock Hill, York County Sheriffs Department and about any other local York County municipal service that you might need. They are all HERE!


What's Up Buttercup

What's Up Buttercup is a locally owned florist in Charlotte, NC that specializes in high-quality, elegant wedding flowers and is known for its individualized customer care! In Charlotte, NC, we are the greatest wedding florist.



Glencairn Garden

Glencairn Garden has long been a favorite destination for residents and visitors due to its nicely planted lawns and walkways. What began as David and Hazel Bigger's private garden in 1928 has grown into an 11-acre oasis in the middle of Rock Hill.


So, feel free to browse around, do some searches to get the information on that perfect neighborhood, or see any new local businesses, visit and explore local sites in

Rock Hill, South Carolina

because it’s all HERE.

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